Narayanbali - Nagbali

Both these formalities are performed with a desire of fulfillment of certain wishes. Hence they are known as Kamya.

For Getting Issues

nagnarayanbaliIf anyone has no issue, it was treated as misfortune. People used to avoid seeing the face of such person early in the morning. So far, this feeling was seen in the public. It is a strong desire of every married couple, to get at least one baby. The family life remains incomplete without any issue. Love and affection for kids are the natural feelings. If these feelings are not fulfilled, the man feels more unhappy than poverty or economic backwardness.

Now in modern era, the means of test tube baby are available. Even though the couple does not afford, they get the necessary treatment, sometimes even by getting money on loan. But when they do not get any positive response of all modern treatment, they turn to the astrologers in frustration. The astrologers can analyze the reasons of failure of all medical treatments. After carefully examining the sex organs of both, if it is found that there is no fault in anybody and still there is no chance of issue, astrologers can only reply this question. Always when there is disease, there must be some remedy also.

Keeping in mind this rule, our ancestors had mentioned the remedies in the science of Astrology to overcome this problem. First they find out from the birth charts of both of them whether there is any possibility of getting issue or not. If yes, then they try to find out the exact reason of not getting the issues out of certain reasons like curse of Previous birth, curse from Pitras, Yoga of discontinuance of the race, etc. When they come to exact conclusion, they find out the remedy of Narayanbali- Nagbali which is recommended.

If this formality is properly fulfilled, there is a chance of getting an issue. This is experienced by so many pilgrims.

Hence it is essential to study the birth charts of both husband and wife. Then a medical check up of both of them should be made from an expert doctor. Simultaneously, with the medical treatment if the support of Narayanbali- Nagbali is properly given, surely that couple will get an issue.

Importance of children

Human beings grihastashram remains unsuccessful without child birth. He is considered as grihasthashram's treasure trove at happiness kuldeepak puja and so mahakavi bhavbhuti says, materialistic happiness and parlaukik gati (salvation in other world) is acquired only by having blessed with children In this world man gets scorched by various ill happenings when there are no physical faults and still one does not conceive a baby does not at all have children does not have son the living children do not have good health, yogakshem does not function properly then it surely must have some unseen reasons behind it they have first thought overt it and have enlisted the reason for it

  • some sort of deed did in earlies life (Dravya apharnadi, stealing of some one's material goods)
  • some apprehensive deeds alone in this life
  • some bad vaamkarmi Abhichaar yog (Mantratantras)
  • ancestors (pitaar) Relations and otherin contact do not receive proper gaati(salvatin)
  • exhorcied by ill spirits from the world of spirits
  • Naagvah (killing a naaga)

It is seen that from above mentioned six reasons sadness like childreness come to you. now lets take each of the point in details pitaar do not receive gaati means as per the rules of the nature he does not receive pitrulok means he remains dissatisficed in fact this includes much of the things shastrakaar (creators of shartrash) have decided that rishis are the managers of dnyanarajya managers of adhidaiva karma world are devatagan and adhibhut adhibhutik sthal world's manageres are our nitya pitaar and so if our pitarr remain satisfied we get materialistic happiness there satisfaction means performing shradha addressed to them. now one must understand what does it mean by shradha karma shradha word has shradha which means faith the family in which we are born and similarly our maternal family's dead oncestors (pret and pitaar) must remain satisfied and from thatwe receive sat and santati and also chir sampatti (children and eternal wealth) for that one has to offer annodakrup pitruyagya called as shradha through appropriate tildarbhaadi rituals ancestors cannot receive however pre cious and pavitra (sinless) padartha if he is not offered shradha ancestors also cannot receive the annodak if they are not offered ait through proper mantras even if it is with great faith this is said in maheshwar khand,kumarikhand chapter 35/36. There pitaar are not karmadheen, these nitya pitaar have 21 gana which shradha bhag reach them once who performs shradhadi karya becomes healthy lines long has good mannered son wealthy and respectable and received satisfaction in parlok and so how can one receive the desired without following the right path?

It means materialsticand parlaukik happiness (happiness in the other world) can be received only from pitaar. Now one must also think about who amongst our pitar (ancestors) have received proper gaati and who have not and because of what reason we do not any ways to answer the above doubt so for those who have not received gati what should we do to come out of their abligations has been thought big our rishis in the period pitrukarma has not been followed thereby happiness is also deteriorating grihasthashram means worshipping the ancertors (pitaar) to acquire completeness to the grihasthashram anugraha from the pitaar is of prime importance (blessings of ancestors)

Gurse from pitrushap can divided the children real brothers develop enemity amogst them animals wealth gets destroyed. man becomes a drunkard such miseries envelops the man members of the family do not follow dharma and also do not follow the conscience inshort the family's happiness gets destroyed and so to come out of this vicious cycle shastrakaars have given us the some keys the offerings addressed to our pitaar at a pilgrimmage appropriate time seeing the satpatra, performed with right rituals the food and material affered with great faith is called as shradha and this is the narayan nagbali ritual. as it is duty to look after our parents in their oldage and also for property earned by our parents which we inherit similarly it is our duty our to perform for limitless pitrudev and for the care taker of the world shri vishnu and also for acquiring satsantati and their sampatti (good lineage and eternal wealth) by which grahastha dharma is complete this anustana (worship) has been first told by vedas themselves all the spirits in our lineage should get pitrulok from pretalok and for that this ritual should be performed. In totality this is what shastras have told about shradha and its main past is

It means to get the parlaukik bliss your son is responsible imfact it is his duty. thats why the word son is defined But lets not describe it in details for the sake of fear still you'll be able to understand the meaning this ritual from the above verse.

To loot someone else's booty as to inherit wealth taking someone else's wealth does not not end everything as you have taken someone else's wealth if person not living and if he / she is childless then it is our duty to perform his shraddha of the person shraddha is being missed then from the above mentioned is reasons.


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