Facts & Myths about Astrology

There are many myths about the astrology in todays world. Who is responsible for it ? The answer is common man or the devotee (one who shows horoscope) The common man is unaware of the actual facts of this science. Hence we have made attempt to throw limelight on the facts -

1) What is Astrology or Jyotish ? Common man is unaware of this ancient science. Hence it is important to know its defination first.Jyotish is made of two words - 'Jyoti' & 'Issh'. Jyoti means ray of light and Issh means message by god. Jyotish or Astrology is the way to find solutions for the problem. (For example Sonography or Citiscan shows the defects or complications inside body same way astrology shows the defects in horoscope of an indiviual)

2) Astrologer suggests solutions in same way as doctor suggests to the patient. There are three ways of the therapy in Jyotish -
i) Religious pujas, aradhana and upasana.
ii) Jaap & taap
iii) Sacred stones, gems and yantra. (Please note this method has very slow effect. Also there are chances of common people been trapped in the advertisement and marketing on television and newspaper)

3) In this world only two persons can alter your fate; one is God and another is Guru. We get to see advertisements on television and newspaper that they can solve your problems and alter your faith. Beware, they all are fake. Those astrologers who keep shifting from place to place, donot have their consultation properly in one place, are real culprits. These people donot have solutions for their own problems then how come they can offer solutions to people. Water and gold donot come near to us, on other hand we need to go near them.

4) When we buy consumables from market we ensure to get it for good quality and price. But when it comes to religious or astrological problem we just donot think twice to consult any of not-so-educated astrologer. We just get into the trap.

5) Another prenotion is, each brahmin priest as well as astrologer can read the perfect future (bhavishya) but this is not true. Out of 100, 60 % can predict superficial predictions, 30% are more learned and only 10% can predict actual predictions. (These 60% are compunders/helpers, 30% are MBBS and 10% MD and MS ) Gold and Brass, both are yellow in colour but only expert can recognise the difference between them.

6) People whom we call compounder or helper, deceive people by saying "Saadesaati" , "Mangal", nadi, guna, varga etc problems in patrika. We are surprised how common people keep quite inspite of this cheating. People need to learn from the example that if the doctor's treatment goes wrong, it is the patient who is affected first.

7) No one in this world can predict 100% correct prediction or future, you need to remember this thumb rule. A dedicated doctor tries his best to save and treat his patient same way a true astrologer, with his knowledge, wisdom and experience, suggest divine prayers and worships and heal the problem. When the horoscope (patrika) is studied astrologer sees only two main things -
a) Is incidence going to happen or not ?
b) If incidence is going to happen, astrologer studies how, when and at what time ?

According to Swami Vivekanand, one should see his/her horoscope in only two situations, one is when he is facing extreme financial problems and secondly if he is facing failures inspite of giving his 80% of hardwork and efforts. One should not refer the astrology every now and then.


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