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Lord Krishna had clearly mentioned in Bhagwatgeeta, that everybody gets birth as per bad desire. The bad desire, gets converted into excessive faults of mind, such as Sexual Greed and Anger. If more thinking is there regarding sex, there is a strong desire of sex. If the desire is not fulfilled or there is any hurdle, that causes anger. Anger kills the thinking capacity of the human being. Due to excessive sex greed, when the human being loses his humanity, he gets the birth of snake. It means after death, the soul of such human being gets the birth of snake. The races of snakes and human being have very old connection.

In Mahabharat, this connection is more evident. Seven Rushi (saints) were created by Brahma, out of them one was Kashyap son of Marinchi Rushi. Kashyap Rushi had two wives, name of first was Kardu and another was Vinita. Kardu got issues in the form of snakes whereas Vinita got issues in the form of Garud (eagle). In this way the relation of snake and human is apparent.

Out of 27 constellations, the race of Rohini And Mrugashirsha is also snaking. Hence the human race and snake race are looking identical. As per the Yoga Science, the body and mind get charged with the help of awakening of the power of Kundalini that rests in the human body. The renowned respectable Saint Dnyaneshwar had explained this concept very nicely in his Dnyaneshwari. The above said Kundalini power stays in the initial point of backbone. If this power is awakened properly, that human gets the knowledge of entire Universe that is called as Brahmagyan in Indian language. The basic fundamental of awakening of Kundalini is combination of life and the soul. The man scientifically becomes perfect in his knowledge with the help of this Kundalini only.

The situation of Kundalini and Snake are similar. Hence our ancestors had given much more significance to the snake and the formalities related to it. If we kill the snake or we ask other to kill, the responsibility of that sin comes on our head. This sin causes to interrupt the growth of race. Such type of snake killing has a strong relation with birth of male baby in the family.

To get rid of this Sin, the formality of Nagbali is recommended. Wherever in the earth wealth is burried, so many people must have seen snake at that place the reason for this is obvious. The human being that has buried that wealth is very much connected with that by his mind. So after his death, the soul of that person stays around the buried wealth and enters in the race of snake.
If we refer our old religious books, we find the significance of snake. It is emphasized that the earth is resting on the head of a snake called as 'Vasuki'.

In the scientific terminology, snake means Vasuki. This Vasuki is the Kundalini power. Hence on the head of this Kundalini, earth is not like a heavy article; but it is a live symbol of feelings which are connected with the real world. When these real feeling or desires are powerful, the soul enters in to the race of snake or we can say enters in Kundalini.

So many people have experienced in this respect. If the formality of Nagbali is performed, the performer gets relief from The sin of snake killing and soul certainly goes to Moksha after death.

When Lord Ram went to forest, his brother Laxman also went along with him and accompanied him like his shadow. Laxman was known to be the Avatar of Sheshnag (The God in the form cobra named as Shesha). Without help of Laxman the stay of Ram in forest would have been unsafe and incomplete.

When the father Vasudev took Lord Krishna, by putting him in a basket on the head to Gokul from Mathura immediately after his birth there was a heavy rain. At that time the Sheshnag provided a shelter on the head of Lord Krishna and gave them the protection from heavy rain. Similarly Lord Krishna got the real color of Krishna only after killing the cobra known as kalia. This is also well known history that everybody knows.

Lord Vishnu, who shoulders the responsibility of entire world, himself rests on Sheshnag. This Sheshnag provides him all type of protections. Everybody knows this.

Lord Shiva is known as God of Gods. The entrance in Moksha is in his hand. His power is beyond doubt on the entire Tantra Shastra. The body of Lord Shiva is fully covered by various snakes and cobras. Without cobra, we can not imagine the existence of Shivlinga. Nagkumar Dharnendra accompanies Lord Parshwanath, who is known as God in the Jain religion. Those who worship Lord Parshwanath also worship Nagkumar Dharnendra. The shelter of the cobra on the head is a sign of recognition of Lord Parshwanath.

Why in Hindu religion snakes and cobras are so important? Because they are the symbols of Kundalini Power.

In another meaning, cobra is a symbol of Kal (death). The relation of the cobra is with Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are the micro symbols of Cobra. When all planets automatically come in the trap of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart of anybody, it is known as there is Kalsarp Yoga. Kal means Ketu. This Yoga takes place because of Rahu and Ketu. Hence it is known as Kalsarpa Yoga. Cobra is a symbol of wealth. It has got control over the wealth of entire world. If anybody does not have any desire of wealth, he is free from its control. His Kundalini power is awakened. So he is totally free from the binding of the power of cobra. Only the big renowned personalities can keep themselves out of the clutch of cobra and can control the time.

The first Prime Minister of India, after the independence, Mr. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was also trapped by this Kal-Sarpa Yoga.
In Tantra Shastra, there is bad way which is also known as black magic. This causes lot of torture to others, murder of anybody without touching him, removal of anybody as per desire etc. For getting relief from this trouble also, the formality of Narayan Nagbali is recommended.


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