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shikhare b.s.Shikhare, a purohit family resides in Trimbakeshwar for the last 1200 years. They are mainly engaged with Poojas and Vidhis. Late Shri Shankar Sakharam Shikhare was fully devoted to paurohitya in the last century. His son, Late Shri Sambh Shankar Shikhare followed his tradition of paurohitya in Trimbakeshwar for the last 35 Years. He was expert in all Hindu religious Poojas, Vidhis, Narayan-nagbali pooja, Kalsarpashanti pooja, Tripindi Shraddha etc.

His son Shri Bhushan Sambh Shikhare is also following his family's tradition from last 15 years. Besides Paurohitya tradition, Shri Bhushan Sambh Shikhare is a keen follower of astrologer K.S. Krishnamurthy Padhati (K.P.) tradition. He studied traditional Indian astrology from 1990 to 1994 and then he turned to K.P. tradition due to problems in traditional astrology.

Indian Astrology and KP

India, a nation of traditions, mythology, 'Vedas', rich culture, excellent thinking power and heavenly beauty of nature. A nation, famous for it's rich mythological stories, which tell us about the universe, making of universe, its start and its end, great Gods, Saints, etc. A nation with excellent management systems about temples are mandatory for the world. A nation who has given a gift of zero (0) to the Universe. Great mathematicians like 'Kanad' And 'Aryabhatta' and great lady 'Lilavati' gave so many mathematical equations to the Universe. A nation, with great astrological studies, made so many great astrologers in this great nation. An ancient traditional astrology, tells us about the horoscope from the stars, their speed and position etc. New science has proved that the pyramids of Egypt, temples of Malaysia and India are built about 10,000 years ago with the help of positions of stars. We are so proud of our those architects and astrologers. And a new star was borned, K.S.Krishnamurthy.

The Great Astrologist K.S. Krishnamurthy studied Indian mythology, mathematics and astrology. He invented his own style of astrology. He studied almost every problem of human life and connected it with the stars and the alphanumeric numbers from 1 to 249. It was a great successful method for astrological predictions.
It is called as KP.

Astrology and Horoscope

Shikhare B.S., is a keen student of K.S. Krishnamurty Paddhati (style) of astrology. If you want to ask some questions/problems about astrology and horoscope, you have to follow some rules.

Astrology and Horoscope1 In K.P. method, the predictions will be made by using two different methods.
A: Prashna-Kundali (Question-Horoscope)
B: Janma-Kundali (Birth-Horoscope)
2 In Prashna-Kundali, the predictions are expected to be 90% perfect and in Janma-Kundali, it is 60%.
3 In Prashna-Kundali method, you have to tell a number from 1 to 249 without any prior thinking on chosen numbers.
4 Before asking any question/problem, you should concentrate on the top priority question or problem and ask the same one.
5 Pray to God, Parents and ask the question.
6 Serious questions / problems related with property, infertility, change in job / business, family life etc. should be asked by Prashna -Kundali Method.
7 In all predictions, we consider the Latitudes & Longitudes at Trimbakeshwar.
8 In Prashna-Kundali method, every question / problem will be asked separately with different number at a time.


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