Myths and facts about Kalsarpa Shanti and Janan Shanti.

kalsarpyogThere are many myths about Kalsarpa Shanti and Janan Shanti in society. We have tried to clear the doubts in this article

Tithi, Var (day), Nakshatra, Yog and Karan are the five arms of Panchang. If there is any problem (Dosh) in this during the birth, it is cured with the puja namely Janan Shanti. In our daily routines, the way we clean our dirty and stained cloths and then wear the same cloths, same are the rules and ways for Janan Shanti. One needs to perform this Janan Shanti of a newborn till 12 th day from the birth. Then you can perform Naming ceremony (Namkaran) of the newborn. But unfortunately Naming ceremony is celebrated without performing Janan Shanti. In the later life if that child (person) faces number of problems (for example health, education, career, business, marriage), he rushes to the any local or not-so-studied astrologer to show his horoscope for the solution.

The astrologer confirms with the person whether he has done Kalsarpa, Amavasya, Mula, Jeshtha shanti. If the astrologer learns that these shantis are not done, he gets the perfect reasons to stress the importance of the shanti tobe get done so that problems are easily solved. After shanti is performed 20-25% people are truely benefited but there is saying in Marathi 'कावळा बसायला आणि फांदी तुटायला एकच गाठ’ which means this is a shear co-incidence of performing the puja and get out of difficulties. But this is not really true. Our past experience says that 80% devotees come to Trimbakeshwar out of this prenotions. We can just say it is ignorance and lack of knowledge. Also if devotees (one who performs puja) are not benefited, they ask us the reasons of failure rather than asking the astrologer who asked them to perform this puja. If a doctor has priscribed the medicine, the chemist's duty is to hand it over to the patient. Unfortunately if the patient is not benefited then who is responsible for it ? the doctor or the chemist, you are smart enough to know the answer.


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