Historic and Puranic Story

Trishanklu kings Puranic Story

Long before in suryavanshas jkshvaku dynasty there was a king named Trishanklu. He's fathers's name was pruthu. He desired to enter heaven with his own body. And so he went to his dynastys kulguru vasishtha and requested hin 'Swargakamo yajet' one who desires to go in heaven should perform yogya if it is so them I wish to go into the heavens. But my desire is not to enter heavens after death but to enter it in my own body (Panchlhautik) Please direct this yagya and get this yagya done from me on this vasishlta Rishi said, you cannot enter the heavens with this heavy body Bodies there are anlightened therefore your desire cannot be fulfilled. And so I cannot get this yagya done from you. After being told so by vashishtha, trishanku went to his son and asked his also. when turned down by vashistha's son too trishanku was enraged and so he said " I will have some other Preacher " guree" and get this yagya done from him Alearing this wasishtha thought after being guided so well why is he not paying attention to its inner meaning and so he too become angry. He cursed Trishanku you will become auraless Tejoheen with this eurse Trishanku become dull and morkid still he remained adamant and went to Rishi Vishwamitra he narrated his desire and requeted him to become the Acharya and start the yagya devas did not particupate in the yagya, they said no to receive Aavirbhag (offering in yagya) Vishwamitra soon realized that yagya won't help and so he decided that he would enpower Trishankhu on the basis of his years of good deeds he has earned through years of his openance and would come true to the promise he had given to Trishanku. Thinking so he dropped the water of his good deeds on trishanku in heavens king of the heavens lord indra did not allow trishnku to enter heavens He was thrown away from heaven. He fell down on his head. when the prayed to vishwamitra he fixed him in between the sky and told indra, If you do not take him in heaven, I will create my own heaven and keep him there " Then Devendra and Vishwamitra discussed the issue for as while and decided to place Trishnku amongst constellarons. In this manner trishanku's spirit did not receive proper gati and so his some who was Harish chandra performed this retual this is said in dalabha sanhita trishanku swargakamanen harishchdren vai krutah is the description

Story of Bhishmacharya

Once bhishmachrya was performing 'shradha' for his late father santanu at that time he had spread darbhamushti on the floor to offer the pinda on that occassion his fathers's hand beornamented with gold bracelet raised above the floor from beneath seeing this hand Bhishmacharya was confused Whether to offer the pinda on the hand or on the darbha then he said i am performing pindpradam as per the sastras and so the hand of my own father itself has come out of the land to receive it. but the shastra's say that the pindadaan should be done on darbha only saying so he offered the pinda for his ancestorn on the darbha and not on the hand seeing this the hand which had raised up disappeard. Shantanu said to bhishma that he was pleased with his trust in shastra's and he did so to test his faith And he had come true to his faith in the shastra's and offered pindapradaan as bold in the shastras there by he was satisfied this story is told in mahabharata, Anushasan parva (chapter 84 shloka 14) in this way there are similar such examples the whole hisstory is not possible to recite here.

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj's story

Nivrutinaath dnyaneshwar and other saints once went on pilgrimnage in Bharatvarsha Travelling Ghataprabha, malprabha, Rishyamukh parvat of kartikswani Kumar tirtha there they met the chiet sadhu of sikh follwing guru nanak he was a sidha sadhu he welcomed and honoured dnyaneshwar maharaj and other saints and with the power of his sidhi he prepared delicious meals for them At that time Namdev said "If we are having prasad on kartikswamis teertha it would be better if we invite himself for the occasion Nivrutinaath at this pointed at the sadhu. sadhu noticed this he said I am not in power to invite Kartikswami as people who have gone to parlok (here it mean left the earth) cannot come back and I believe the rituals of shradha are all drama and meaningless but i have heard that dnyaneshwar had invited a Bramhin for meals addressed to his ancestors (pitaar) so if he himself invits Kartikswani then I will revise my belief in shradha and will start trusting the ritual Dnyaneshwar to this said, " Shradha rituals are appropriate and should be done meticulous. Because this desirous (Vaasnatmaka) body remains in micro form everywhere. to give them inpetus to go forward veda have prescribed shradha and its rituals. Saying that they are not proper would mean as if a blind man who cannot see anything in the world says, there is no sun. This saint is sidya and he simply wishes that kartik swami should come for the meals. So Namdev you please do invite kartikswani,' Namdev on this said faith has to take, its steps backward to make place for knowledge (dnyana). saying so he bowed at dnyaneshwar maharaj and went to call kartikswami. After sometime he came back with parlokvaasi (one who resides in parlok) kartikswami. Everybody then relished the meals along with Kartikswami at night Namdev recited kirtaan, kartikaswami was very much present at that time too sidhha purush (one who has acquired power) guru nanak felt much of respect for the shradha rituals followed by hindus. He believed that there lies some sort of mystery in it and has mentioned his respect regarding shradha in his granth (writing) and has asked his followers to perform the shradha too. Namdev granth does have a detailed description of his meeting with Namdev.


Our vedpurans have remedies and solutions for the difficulties a man face in his life. Our Nature is a super power. When the moon rises sea water is attracted upwords and high tide occurs. On the contrary when any thing is lifted in sky, that is attracted towards ground due to gravitational force of attraction. Common man can understand such natural phenomenon easily. But there are few such phenomenon which are beyond common man's understanding. But belief that such things cannot happen is not wise saying. Such beliefs which are beyond understanding of common man, they have solutions in our old age ved-purans and naag-narayan bali pujas.

Today thousand of devotees perform Narayan-Nagbali puja to bear a child and for other difficulties in life. Offering food, money, seasem (til) and Darbh to Naag (snake) & Lord Narayan with all devotion and faith is Narayan-Nagbali puja. This puja is performed at Trimbakeshwar only. The puja is performed to get out of problems of child bearing, physical problems, problems from died person, pichacha pida. According to medical science, the problem of couple not bearing a child lies in physical (clinical) problems in man and a woman. But if both of them are physically fit but still does not bear the child then what is a solution for this uknown reason. For vidhis and parampara, varied experiences of people are considered and solutions are found. But there are chances of limitations in this method. Because even if you have correct answer for the solution, your method to solve the same may be wrong. Same can be said for the pujas performed at various places. On the contary if the child is born you cannot say that statement is 100% wrong. Also with the wrong method, if solutions are correct , it cannot be everytime. With these we need to understand that above statements are true with the experience and parampara. But without any efforts and wisdom just believing in customs is also not recommended. The person should try in both ways. Hence our ved-purans have asked to perform Narayan - Nagbali puja for solutions in difficulties in life and bear a child with all devotion.


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