Where should be Sinhastha at Nashik or Trimbakeshwar ?

Kalaram Mandir The one who have above dispute to them Ganga advices rather than having disputes and quarrels on the banks, have a holy dip in the river. This will wash off the sins of yours. Let your false opinions and thoughts wash away with water. This will help you to have pure thoughts and help to achieve mental peace and stability.

TrimbakeshwarThese quarrels and disputes have been going on from ages. Saints and Sadhu also have disputes. Long ago Shaiva and Vaishanav sadhu use to have baths together in Godavari. But once they had great dispute from whom to have bath first. Shaiva and Vaishanav both of them wanted to have bath first. This ended into the dispute of both groups and they took out arms and armaments. Trishul, swords, sticks, bhala and chakus were used to kill each other. There was lot of blood shading. Hence it was finally decided that Vaishanav will have bath at Nashik and Shaiva will have at Trimbakeshwar. The Akhadas of all sadhus are in Trimbakeshwar. The Shashisnan(most sacred bath) in Sinhastha is performed at Kushavarta, Trimbakeshwar. A ceremony was performed and Kushavarta was given Tirtharaj dignity. Thus now the procession of sadhus is the procession of wisdom and knowledge.


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