Tripindi Shraddha

Tripindi Shraddha is known as kamya Shraddha. The soul of a deceased person, whose Shraddha was not been performed continuously for a period of 3 years, gets converted into the category of Pret (just like a ghost). Amavas is the day of Pitars. On this day, Shraddha should be performed. However, during Navratri or on the day of death in the Krishna fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada, Tripindi should not be done.

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When and where Tripindi Shraddha should be done ?

tripindi-shraddhaOn any day of Panchami, Ashtami, Ekadashi, Teras, Choudas or Amavas in any fortnight (Shukla or Krishna) of the month of Shravan, Kartik, Pousha, Magh, Phalgun, Vaishakh, doing Tripindi Shraddha is permitted by traditional science. Normally Sun remains in Virgo or Libra during 16th September to 15th November. During this period Pitars are allowed to freely come to the earth. Hence doing Tripindi during this period is more beneficial. In case of more problems, Tripindi should be done as per the guidelines given in the book of "Goda Vivekdarsha".
Tripindi Shraddha should be done only at Trimbakeshwar .

Especially in Trimbakeshwar, Tripindi can be performed any time during the year. This has been supported by our traditional sciences also.
In the great book of poetry known as "Raghuvansha",written by poet Kalidas, reference of Trimbakeshwar is made as "Maheshwar". In this book, the prayer is made to Trimbakeshwar (Maheshwar), to destroy all those evil movements that are in pret Yoni (Ghost).
Near Kushavart Tirth, which is in Trimbakeshwar, near the big tree of Ashwattha, there is a temple of Karpadikeshwar. If the Tripindi Shraddha is performed near the temple of Karpadikeshwar, it is more advantageous.

There is one place at 6 kms. from Trimbakeshwar known as "Pishaccha Vimochan Tirth". If Tripindi Shraddha is done at this place, the trouble of Pishaccha, i.e. ghost can be removed.

So, many people have experienced this so far. If Tripindi Shraddha as well as Tirth Shraddha is to be done, earlier Tripindi Shraddha should be done and Tirth Shraddha should be done afterwards. There are three types of Pret Yoni (ghosts) i.e. Tamoguni, Rajoguni and Satvaguni. These types are made as per the nature of those persons who are converted in this category after their death. The Tripindi Shraddha is performed to get relief of Pishaccha of any of the above categories. Before starting the Tripindi Shraddha, Gangamilan,for cleanliness of body, Prayaschitta (confession) is to be taken. For this, there is no need of Kshour (shaving of all hair from head). However, in order to take the Prayaschitta, normally Kshour is done. While doing the Tripindi Shraddha, the status of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are prepared and their worship is done as per the procedure of traditional science. Three Brahmins are given the task of utterance of Mantras of these three Gods. If the Pret - Soul, that is troubling us, is not known to us by its name, the word of "Anarishta Gotra" is used. This Shraddha is addressed to the particular Pret - Soul. Three different Pinds are prepared from floor of Jawas, Til and Rice. In those Pinds, sugar and ghee is also mixed. The Pind made of Jawas, is presented to the Tamoguni Soul. After doing pooja of all these Pinds, Naivedya of Mahaling, Kharik etc. is kept before Gods. This formality is done in order to satisfy the Pishaccha troubling our family and they are requested to stop their evil activities and proceed towards peace. The things like gold, silver, copper, rice, jawas, black til, udid.Khadawa(footwear made of wood) or cows are donated or amount equivalent to their value is donated.

Then a Brahmin and a married women is invited for food (Brahman Bhojana). In this way this formality is fulfilled.


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