Troubles from the Pret - Yoni (Ghosts)

If any property such as movable, immovable, agricultural land, money etc. is taken from anybody by using wrong ways or by deceiving him, the soul of the aggrieved person after his death stays with that property and keeps on punishing the culprit for unlimited period of time. Though the body of the aggrieved person is brunt in fire or buried, his soul could not get proper way to proceed ahead due to his dissatisfaction.Hence he turns into ghost. After that, the ghost, with a view to take revenge, tortures the persons responsible for his dissatisfaction. If the final ceremony for deceased person is not done properly or Shraddha is not performed, lot of troubles takes place due to dissatisfaction of that soul and subsequently it's conversion into ghost.

To get issues Curse Indicative Dream
To remove the troubles from Ghosts Human Relation With Cobra

Following are some examples of troubles of dissatisfied soul

  • Getting only female babies and no male baby. If male is there it is having short life.
  • Failure in business or profession and increase of debts constantly.
  • Failure in agriculture. Sudden death of cattles due to unknown reason.
  • Continuous sickness of somebody in the family.
  • Continuous chances of quarrel with the members of the family.
  • Irregularity of monthly course of female members, miscarriage etc.
  • No diagnose of physical trouble or disease by any doctor.
  • Sudden quarrels always at the time of lunch / dinner.
  • The man in the family leaves his wife without any reason.
  • Any member of the family runs away from the family.
  • Always short of money in spite of endless efforts.
  • Always insufficiency of food or raw material (edible oil, ghee, floor for preparation of food).
  • Influence of ghost on any member of the family.
  • Birth of mad or abnormal child in the family etc.

For removing any of the above trouble, the formality of Narayanbali- Nagbali is recommended.

Death due to wrong reason at wrong age

Death due to any wrong reason and at wrong age is called as 'Durmaran' in India. The persons died due to such reasons create problems or troubles for the entire family after their death. Following are some examples of Durmaran (untimely and unjustifiable death)

Importance of children

  • Death before marriage.
  • Death by sinking in water.
  • Death due to attack by dangerous animal.
  • Small child killed by somebody.
  • Death due to burning by fire.
  • Suicide.
  • Death due to electrical shock.
  • Death due to food stuck up in the throat while eating.
  • Death due to excessive consumption of food or liquor.
  • Death in foreign country.
  • Death during period of Panchak, Tripad or Dakshinayan.

After death by any of above reasons, if there is nobody of his own who can offer him Pind.

Exhorcised by spirits

In this or earlier life anybody has stolen / looted anybodys material, property or land the one whose material has been taken has his spirit in all the things owned and loved by him, his thoughts manners, decislory, uppringing and ego in being himself remains so even after his death. Jeeva becomes so as per the sentiments imagination and decisions is said so about Jeeva in upanishadas Jeeva is manomay means derirous vaasnamay He takes his body as his desirs are and makes his body behave in the fashion of his deries Body is vaasnamay Vaasnas are manomay (as would the heart rule) and mann is vasnamay. when this sukshana deh (body) is destroyed on acquires aativahik sukshma panchtan matra sukshama five sensory organs (mind, intellgence, heart, ego and Jeeva antakaram these four things form it) so he remains manomay from this verse 'Ante matihi sa matihi i.e. its rule that Jevatmah does not get the gaati (salvation). Since it is Jeevatmah (spirit) it as per the desires (vaasna) troubles the person who is related with his vaasnas. Theereby he does not get salvation as per the natrues cycle He enters the pauishachik (land of spirit). In this manner one gets exorcised by spirits. Its is nothing but fruits of either this life's or earlier life's karma. To get rid of this shastrakaar have told that all these miseriesand tensions are created only because of our karma jo curb it medicines giving chanting sacred fie and worship rituals of which we do not have knowledge and are unaware of its reasoning too there face from this ritual with the use of best medicines from the givings offered by bramhansby offering meals, by offering worship at the named of bramhanas at proper place our exorcised spirit, disease get destroyed this is an experience experiencedby many where inportance is given to this sukshm deh (body) we fall pray to all miseries only because of our bad deeds and sins from earlier life earlier remain with us as sukshma deh rup and so it gives us its fruits is sukshma deh only. Therefore food offered with resolutions,affect the desirous - vaasnamay sukshma deh by this exorcised spirits can be evaded and miseries like childlessness can be overcome


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