Why the holy baths of saints, sadhus and mahatmas in Godavari ? More Articles

When poeple have bath they leave their sins in the holy water.As a result, this saturation of sin becomes the problem for Ganga. She asks lord how to get rid of the same.

Lord advices when the saints, sadhus and mahatmas will have holy dip in river all sins will get rid off with their good deeds and knowledge. All which is pure, sacred and knowledgable is to worship. Ganga is at the feet of lord, Yamuna is on the head and Saraswati at the heart. The origin of Godavari is Trimbakeshwar, her Karma is at Chakratirtha and her flow was widen at Panchavati. Godavari met lord Shriram in Panchavati. Trimbakeshwar is Rishikesh and Nashik is Haridwar for Godavari. When Godavari flows from Trimbakeswar, it takes small rivers and lakes along with it and flows to Nashik in Ramkunda.Dyaneshwari is ved of Maharashtra. Alandi is grumandir of Dyaneshwar. Dyaneshwar achieved salvation at the banks of Indrayani. Saint Nivruttinath, brother of Dyaneshwar had his last bath in river Godavari. Hence the flow of knowledge and wisdom is flowing through Godavari.


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