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Archaya, sadhu, saint, mahant and mandaleshwar are all soldiers of hindu religion. Shri Shankaracharya is the emperor and Mandaleshwar are chief courters. All these sanyasis have total control over their body, mind and soul. Those who have desire for power, money and livelihood cannot have this Rajdanda or be protectors of religion. Adya Shankaracharya established four Matths for preservation and promote Hindu religion. All dasnami sadhus, saints, sanyasis and mahants were brought together and their responsibilities and work was alloted according to the areas. Power, lack of knowledge, injustice and immature democracy are the enemies of any religion. They can be in control only with the rules and regulations of Dharma (Dharmadanda). For doing so we need arms and armaments.

।। शस्त्रेण रक्षिते राष्ट्रं शास्त्रचिंता प्रवर्तत ।।

It is necessary to have respect for religion, this respect should have base of Shastra (science) and hence weapons are required to have control over the same. With the knowledge and wisdom one can always overcome injustice. There were disputes between sadhus and dharmapanthas. There are always debates, seminars and lectures of authorities for sadhus. During Sinhastha Kumbhamela there are special sessions on religion and spirituality. This help sadhus to get more and accurate knowledge about the religion. Sadhu Totapuri who taught Samadhiyog to Ramkrishna Paramhansa was from the same Akhada. All these Akhadas are the protectors of religion.

Why nudity in the procession of sadhus ?

They say nudity of sadhus is the way to reach Nirvana. Nudity of sadhus does not indicate any sensuality or sexuality but it is belief of knowledge, power and nirvana. It is like, lotus flower is aloof in water and unaware of its beauty. This nudity of sadhus is good for society for its tolerance and beliefs.During the procession, the god and guru of sadhus are also worshiped.Hence in the other words, it is procession of god too. Emersion of clothes in Ganga is the aim of procession. If there are procession of marriage, national events and festival then why there is objection on procession of sadhus. Infact such processions hightlights the importance of 'Vairagya' to common man.


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