Tripindi Shraddha

Tripindi Shraddha is known as kamya Shraddha. The soul of a deceased person, whose Shraddha was not been performed continuously for a period of 3 years, gets converted into the category of Pret (just like a ghost). Amavas is the day of Pitars. On this day, Shraddha should be performed. However, during Navratri or on the day of death in the Krishna fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada, Tripindi should not be done.

When and where tripindi shraddha should be done ? The right of tripindi
Importance of tripindi as per procedure & faith Results of tripindi

The right of Tripindi

  • A couple of husband and wife are jointly entitled to do the Tripindi.
  • A widower is also entitled to do this.
  • An unmarried person can also do this formality.
  • A Hindu woman goes to different family after her marriage. Hence she is not entitled to do the Tripindi or Shraddha
  • for her parents; but she can do the Tripindi or Shraddha for those deacesed who were related to the family if her husband.
  • A brand new unwashed white dress should be worn at the time of performing this formality.

Importance of Tripindi as per procedure and faith

It should be kept in mind that this formality is not like doing a Satyanarayan Katha. It is a Pret Shraddha. Hence it is essential to do it under the guidance of expert, with full faith and purely in accordance with the procedure laid down in traditional science.

In this connection, there is a well-known story in our religious books. Bhishmacharya was doing Shraddha of his father Shantanuji. For doing the Pind Daan, the mat of Darbha (Grass) was kept on the earth. At that time, a hand wearing a golden ornament came out of the earth for taking away the Pind. Looking at this hand, Bhishmacharya got puzzled as to where the Pind should be kept on the mat of Dharbha. At that time he remembered the rule of traditional science and accordingly he kept the Pind on the Darbha. Immediately the hand of his father Shantanuji disappeared. He heard the sound of his father who was saying that " Bhishmacharya, I was examining your knowledge regarding traditional science. You have rightly kept the Pind on the Darbha because of your faith in traditional science and not given in my hand. Hence I am very much satisfied on your faith.

In short, it is inevitably required that this formality should be preformed according to the procedure of traditional science. Don't experiment with the Tripindi Shraddha.

Results of Tripindi

Some people trouble our relatives or parents when they are living. After their death, they perform lot of formalities in order to show and maintain their social status, they do the Gangaprasadi (after performing the formality for deceased at a pilgrim near Ganga River, some water of Ganga is collected and brought to the house with due respect and then a big program is arranged wherein lot of people are called for food) on a big scale. Such show functions take place on a vast scale of deceased person for whom all this exercise is done. Even after doing all these things, people face lot of problems because of dissatisfaction of that soul. If the shraddha is not done according to the procedure of traditional science, the troubles from Ghosts etc. are to be suffered. A doctor can not diagnose such troubles.Hence medical treatment is not possible in such cases.

There is always an atmosphere of quarrel in the house. The marriage of son or daughter becomes difficult in spite of their attaining the age of marriage. Sometimes businessman becomes bankrupt. Always the deceased person comes in the dream. Unbearable pains are to be suffered due to effect of black magic.

To get rid of all such troubles, Tripindi Shraddha is recommended in a well-known book "Shraddha Chintamani". This formality has a capacity to remove troubles of all above reasons. We are having so many examples of the people who have done Tripindi Shraddha and got relief from troubles.

If Narayan Bali is done along with Puttal Vidhi, there is no need of doing Tripindi separately. However, for the Sanyasi doing Shraddha is not compulsory as they are themselves treated equivalent to God's status. But the man having a family has to do this formality for his deceased parents or ancestors.


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