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The birth and death of human being is quite mysterious. In our old renowned religious books like Veda, Upnishada and Puran, this subject is explained in details.

Lord Krishna had clearly emphasized in Shrimadbhagwatgeeta that everybody born in this world is bound to die and who dies is bound to again get another life. For former subjects, there is no need of any evidence as we see it in our regular life whereas for re-birth, we do not have any clear evidence. Hence we have to accept whatever our traditional science is saying. Our traditional science has said that, the soul of the human being is very small in size and appearance. Hence normal eyes can not see it. Maharshi Kapil, had already mentioned that the human body that is given by the parents is Trigunatmak (made up of three basic qualities). Hence three small invisible bodies are also contained in the same. When the human being is died, the visible body is finished but the inside invisible body (ORA) remains as it is. It can get any relief without the Brahma Gyan (i.e. the spiritual power). If that body is Satvaguni, that enters in the upper category of Gods and stays near gods. The Rajoguni Souls again get the birth as human beings. Tamoguni souls get the birth on the earth but not as human beings but as some other creature. This has been clearly told in Bhagwat Geeta.

The human beings with Satvagun have strong belief in God, Rajoguni have belief In Yaksha or Giants for whom they worship and the Tamoguni are interested in the worship of Ghosts etc. It is also mentioned in Geeta that if the behavior of the human being is good and without any sin in his life, he may remember this birth in his next birth also.

The rules of Shraddha etc. are based on the above doctrine of re-birth. When the son gives Pind to his deceased parents, they certainly get it. So, many people raise doubt in this respect. When the ancestors are getting next birth as per own behavior, how the things offered by us can reach to them and will be useful to them. In practice we are not giving anything directly to them. We simply give it to Brahmins and they utilize it. practically this is true; but it is also true that in this world there are several other things where we do not have any evidence about its genuineness. Still we have to believe about its reality. We must have faith. If we do not get anything, it is true that at least there is no loss. It is mentioned in our traditional science and also we see in actual practice that whenever any Shraddha is done and any food is served for the crows, they suddenly come on that place in the form of crows. This is nothing but acceptance of food by deceased from their successors.


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